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A virtual dealership is an innovative software solution designed to simplify the process of selecting and customizing a car to the maximum extent. With this product, users can create their ideal car from the comfort of their home, engaging in an interactive and enjoyable process.
Key features include:
  • Selection from various car models

    Users can browse and choose from a wide range of car models from different manufacturers, compare them, and find the car that meets their requirements and preferences.
  • Obtaining information about the specifications and features of each model

    The application provides detailed information about the specifications, features, and advantages of each model, including data on fuel consumption, engine power, safety, and much more.
  • Ability to change the body color and options

    The application allows users to easily change the car's body color and select various options so they can visualize their future car in different configurations.
  • Customization of car configuration

    Users can meticulously customize the car's configuration by choosing the appropriate engine, transmission type, interior, and other important parameters.
  • Exploring the car's interior

    Users can explore the car's interior through virtual reality or a 3D view, examine interior details, and assess the convenience of control element placement.
  • Visual display of alarms and control elements

    The software visualizes the operation of alarms and other control elements, allowing users to familiarize themselves with the car's safety features and ease of use.
  • Doors opening and closing

    The interactive function of opening and closing doors allows users to experience the reality of using the car, assessing the convenience of getting in and out.
  • Adding and removing accessories

    The virtual dealership provides the ability to add or remove various accessories and additional elements such as spoilers, rims, audio systems, and much more.
  • Transition to the website for purchase

    After completing the selection and customization process, users can easily transition to the official website to finalize the car purchase or contact the nearest dealer for more information and to arrange a test drive.
The virtual dealership is your reliable assistant in choosing the perfect car, offering convenient and modern tools for full interaction with a virtual showroom.
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